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Languages Archives - Prevedi
Posted on March 31, 2014
5 Best Language Learning Apps
Learning new languages is not only fun, but useful too. However, learning new languages can be difficult sometimes, especially if you're always on the move, or if you don't have the time to take language classes. Also, not to mention the fact that classes like these can cost quite a lot....
Posted on April 12, 2013
Ways To Enhance Your Experience Of Learning A New Language
Nothing can replace the motivating experience of working with a good language trainer, whether you are having individual or group training sessions. It’s the perfect place to ask all those silly questions and make as many mistakes as you like. But what takes place in the training room or during...
Posted on April 2, 2013
How Many Languages Does Your Child Speak Today?
In times of migration and globalization parents often come across the necessity for their children to learn a second language. Children of foreign workers, ambassadors and foreign affairs department employees have to adapt to different languages, cultures and surroundings while moving from one...
Posted on December 5, 2012
How To Create Your Own Language Training Road Map Today!
When trying to learn a new skill it’s important to do everything you can to give yourself the best chance of success – learning a new language is no different. Whether your foreign language training is learning Cantonese or trying to learn business English By preparing yourself and setting a...
Posted on November 22, 2012
Endangered Languages – What, Why, How?
Endangered languages are ones that risk their no longer being used, and this could be because of speakers turning to other languages or dying. When a language finds no more speakers (native or otherwise) it is regarded as an extinct language. Although languages have been lost over a period of time...
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