The impact of cloud technology development is getting more and more obvious, even in the areas that aren't considered directly dependent on the IT industry. A good deal of our everyday activities moves to the online space and this trend keeps transforming our everyday habits and professional profiles. The areas that proliferated the most in the previous decade are e-commerce and online business, but there are plenty of other industries that are being significantly transformed by the cloud. Global migrations to the cloud computing platform have enabled a faster growth in many industries including education, healthcare and entertainment.


New technology developments influence education industry in many ways. For one, there is a significant change in professional profiles that are becoming popular in a global job market. IT professionals are seen as the workforce of the future and are getting more and more professional and academic opportunities. The availability of different cloud services has contributed to the expansion of online learning, as it allowed educational institutions to organize online courses, conferences or webinars, where it is easy to share educational materials and communicate with other participants.
Besides this, cloud computing technology has enabled the educational institutions worldwide to connect and collaborate. Also, a growing number of digital libraries made the most important scientific works available to a larger number of students and academics. Thus, they have more opportunities to expand their knowledge and do research using the cloud resources.


Healthcare industry has gone through some major transformations in most parts of the world. The implementation of cloud services into the functioning of clinics and hospitals has simplified the administrative problems and improved their overall efficiency. The administrative staff is able to work in simple software programs that can store and process large amounts of files, such as patients’ records. In addition, the process of cloud migration is affordable and it doesn't require large investments.
Despite the privacy and security issues that have been a major impediment for adopting the cloud solutions, it seems that the healthcare industry has chosen to focus on creating a more efficient working environment. Many healthcare institutions have already gone through the process of cloud integration. Still, it is expected that the cloud in healthcare is further to grow in the following years, according to Markets and Markets report.


With the appearance of the streaming services such as YouTube and NetFlix, the entertainment industry has got a whole new look. Music and movies are available on different kinds of services which allows the worldwide audience to watch and download them for free. Despite the possible issues with copyright infringement, these services keep being popular among the users, which raises the question of the future of traditional entertainment industry. The movie industry is concerned about all the potential loss that the new entertainment habits can bring to the notable movie industry centers. Traditional cinemas are less appealing to the audience, as the newest movies are available online and could be watched for free.

Apparently, the cloud has different effects on our habits and its growth has justifiably raised questions about the future trends. What happens to the entertainment and all the other industries remains yet to be seen.

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