Your vocabulary is one of those things that can always be improved, but if you don’t make an effort to learn new words, it's hard to expand your vocabulary. Rather than wait until you hear or see a word you don't know, there are plenty of ways that your vocabulary can be improved, and technology has even put learning in your fingertips.
Whether you simply want to improve your range of vocabulary or you are in need of vocabulary help for your upcoming ACT/SAT, there are numerous apps available to help you.

1. Free Exam Vocabulary Builder

Learning new words, especially those that are most likely to be on college entrance exams, can easily be accomplished with Free Exam Vocabulary Builder.
This app provides you with a new list of vocabulary words for you to learn. Each word also contains two sentences so you can see how it would be used in conversations. You can even use the statistics to keep track of your progress.

You also have the option of organizing your words into groups, and you can use the quiz feature to test yourself.

2. GRE Vocab Genius

Flashcards have always been a proven method of memorization, and GRE Vocab Genius uses flashcards to help you improve your vocabulary. The flashcards are generated in a specific pattern in order to help you learn more quickly.

The app contains over 1,900 flashcards. Each card contains a definition, synonyms and a sentence. You can even browse or search on your own to find the specific cards that you want, and you can use statistics to help track your progress.

3. Vocab Power

Vocab Power uses the fun and interaction of a game to help you learn new words. The app contains over 30,000 words. The easier words are found towards the beginning of the game, and every time you beat a level, the words get harder and harder. If you're quick with your answers, you can even earn bonus points, and your total score can then be shared with others on GameCenter.
One of the best features of Vocab Power is that it's a great game for kids as well as adults, so everyone in the family has a chance to improve their vocabulary.

4. Smart Vocab SAT

All of the 2,000 words used on the Smart Vocab SAT app were used at least once on an actual SAT in the past. You can choose the type of level you think you are, and Smart Vocab SAT will design lists that fit your needs.

You can choose to use the study mode, which provides you with a word, definition, sentence examples as well as pronunciation and part of speech. You can also take the quiz, which forces you to use your knowledge to pass 10 rounds of an interactive game.

So if you want to improve your vocabulary or if you want help preparing for the SATs or ACTs, any of these four vocabulary apps will certainly help. So what are you waiting for? Grab an app today.

Steven Peters is an avid writer.  He loves writing about and studying vocabulary and grammar.  Steven always uses a grammar checker to check his work.

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